Janet Flores-Rodriguez is Chichimeca (Indigenous to Northern-Central Mexico) by way of Houston, Texas, USA. She is from a place where cacti flowers bloom abundantly. As founder of Brown Mujeres Media, Janet’s advocacy drives forward Indigenization. In defense of undocumented migrants from the South, Janet has administered fundraising campaigns and co-coordinated grassroots trainings for Rapid Response Networks with the Workers Center of Central New York.

Janet holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from Syracuse University and degrees in Arts and Sciences with concentrations in international studies and land surveying. In community college, Janet served as the Honors Student Organization President for three elected terms where she crafted academic development workshops later implemented in honors colleges across the city of Houston. Over the years, her commitment to community has been acknowledged with multiple leadership awards. Janet’s social justice advocacy and critical thought leadership was recognized with the “2017 Revolutionary Award” by the Latina sorority at SU.

Granddaughter of braceros and daughter to serial entrepreneurs, Janet has provided technical and bookkeeping consultancy to startup and non-profit grantees of the NoVo Foundation and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. Currently, Janet works part-time at Syracuse Cultural Workers and runs a general contracting business out of her Southside home in Syracuse, NY.

Janet lives at the heart of Haudenosaunee territory where she is part of a sisterhood of Indigenous women committed to changing the narrative of Indigenous peoples.